MappingMaster Channel Manager

Introducing MappingMaster's revolutionary Channel Manager. With our cutting-edge web-based software system, managers of holiday units, B&Bs, hostels, and hotels will effortlessly update room rates, availability, and cancellations across multiple online portals. No more hassle of manual adjustments! The greatest advantage? An enhanced overview that empowers accommodation providers to plan effectively and save precious time. Experience the power of real-time reservation and price updates, revolutionizing the way you manage your bookings. MappingMaster's channel manager - the ultimate solution for streamlined online channel and booking management.

MappingMaster ChannelManager

Introducing the game-changing channel management software that empowers accommodation providers to effortlessly update room availability, rates, and descriptions, cancellations and much more, across multiple channels in real time. Say goodbye to hours spent on tedious searching, updating, and routine tasks. Our software is designed specifically for the needs of accommodation providers and their guests.

Distribute your data seamlessly across world-famous booking websites and affiliate channels within seconds. With our software, rest assured that your information is always accurate and up to date 24/7, regardless of the booking platform. It's a breakthrough in online distribution and marketing for holiday apartments, guest houses, and hotels. Experience the perfect overview within one central dashboard with MappingMaster Channel Manager.

How it works

Introducing the Mapping Master Channel Manager, a groundbreaking cloud-based system that revolutionizes the way accommodation providers manage their pricing, availability, restrictions as Minimum stay and terms and conditions. With this single platform, you can seamlessly input and update your information, which is then instantly communicated to all your preferred distribution channels. Say goodbye to manual synchronization! Any bookings or amendments made are automatically and centrally synchronized across all platforms. We are proud to offer connectivity with over 90 distribution channels, ensuring maximum exposure for your property. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, our system streamlines operations and significantly boosts occupancy levels and revenue growth. Experience the future of Channel Management with the Mapping Master Channel Manager.


Expand your reach globally with simultaneous distribution across the most prominent booking websites worldwide.

Eliminate overbookings: Experience zero room conflicts or double bookings.

Unlock commission-free direct bookings from your own website.

A single website login that seamlessly handles all your booking websites. Say goodbye to complexity as our centralized calendar simplifies your distribution needs.

Experience seamless real-time synchronization across all booking systems and software providers.

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Accommodation providers of all kinds struggle to cope with the nearly impossible challenge of continually updating changing room availability and prices across all the various booking channels. But thanks to MappingMaster's self-service software, it is possible to easily and effectively achieve an increase of up to 40% in monthly sales. Calculate the potential savings for yourself.

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additional sales for you per month

€ 765,82

additional revenue for you per annum

€ 9.189,84

Additional revenue per month

€ 936,00

MappingMaster monthly fee

€ -29,78

Distribution channel cost (estimated)

€ 100