06 Jun 2022

How to add a new room category?

Room category is the room type a hotel has, for example: single room, double room, suite family, etc. Also internally they are known as elements.

On the left side menu, please click on Products > Room types

Then click on ‚+ Add new room‘

The following modal window will open:

Is very important to add a validity period to the room type. I have set-up an availability for the next 3 years, so that there are no manual updates needed on a yearly basis:

When all the field are filled, then we click on the save button:

Here is the end result, the new room type has been added. If you work with a Hotel Software, also called PMS, then please provide the Room ID and Room Types names to your Hotel software provider so that they can make the connection. They need to activate Cultuzz as provider for channel manager:

For questions and support, we are available via email