01 Oct 2019

Channel Manager – Definition – MappingMaster

Definition Channel Manager: What is this?

Basically, a Channel Manager is responsible for merging of different sales channels and helps with their management. Depending on definition, Channel Management concentrates more on the following areas: the appropriate presentation of the content and the Channel Manager is used into the actual distribution channels.

Channel management using the hotel industry as an example

The tourism industry has been transformed by the integration of the Internet into everyday life fundamentally changed. Nowadays, travellers prefer to plan their next holiday comfortably from home and use the advantages of various meta search engines. Websites like HRS, Expedia or Booking.com are constantly building their market share. Accommodation must take these new techniques into account so as not to be left behind, to fall behind the competition. Ideally, a hotel should be registered and listed on all these travel portals to be represented, to publish current offers and to keep the availability up to date. This maintenance process is automated by a Channel Manager.

Most Channel Managers are software solutions such as for example the programs of MappingMaster. In the first step, the System updates all relevant data. Your own quotation must be entered into the Channel Manager and will be updated automatically in the future. Manual adjustments on the individual portals are no longer necessary. Under the platforms, only a selection has to be enabled which allows websites to receive information. Many Channel Managers provide
already relevant overviews, which divide the providers into categories.

Channel Management therefore simplifies the work in the hospitality industry. In modern hotels, the channel managment software has long been a habit and a commodity.

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